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Your Risk Management lesson starts even before you enroll...!!!

RMstudy Risk Management course is designed by highly experienced professionals and is based on Risk Management Best practices. If you are looking to sharpen your project management skills and showcase your specialized expertise in risk management to employers, this course is meant for you. We assure you that you will find this course useful.

RMstudy provides a unique money back guarantee; if you are not satisfied with the classroom course, we will refund 50% of the course fee.

Please note

  • You have to provide valid reason for your dissatisfaction with the course.
  • To avail of the money back guarantee it is mandatory that you inform us through an email within 24 hours after completion of the class.
  • The total value of reimbursement provided to you by RMstudy.com will not, under any circumstances, exceed the amount you have paid for the course.
  • No exceptions to the Money back policy will be allowed under any condition.
  • RMstudy will take up to 30 days to reimburse any payments to you.
  • By default, we will refund you back using the same way in which the payment was received. For example, if you paid using a credit card, we will refund back to your credit card. If you want to be refunded in any other way, please email marketing@rmstudy.com with the details of how you want the refund to be sent.
  • The Classroom Session will be from 8:00 AM to 6:00 PM. In the session, you are requested to keep your cell phones off and not to take any unscheduled breaks except if instructed by the faculty.
  • Since this is a rigorous and hectic program, you should be totally committed to the classroom session. Our Money back Guarantee will be invalid if you:
    • Come to class late or leave early
    • Do not follow the instructions of the faculty and do not complete the exercises as required by the program
    • Disturb others, ask irrelevant questions and create a non-conducive study environment (the faculty may in such cases ask you to leave the class and you will not be reimbursed for your training fees)
  • In case of any disputes, the final decision will be taken by RMstudy Management.

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